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Medias definition of Medias by The Free Dictionary.
Advocating therefore a VIA MEDIA, I would lay down no fixed or absolute line of demarcation; but at the period when the frame is just beginning to set, and when the Medical Board has reported that recovery is improbable, I would suggest that the Irregular offspring be painlessly and mercifully consumed.
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The English media reported positively on the event, while the French media remained skeptical. The English media reported positively on the event, while French media remained skeptical. In general, I would probably make them parallel: either the" or no" the" for both as in 2 and 3.
Using media queries CSS: Cascading Style Sheets MDN. Github. Twitter. GitHub. Twitter. Facebook. Instagram.
Nevertheless, its contents will not apply unless and until the result of the query changes to true. Media types describe the general category of a device. Except when using the not or only logical operators, the media type is optional and the all type will be implied.
THE MASS MEDIA meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
the" mass media" in Business English. mass media noun plural or U. COMMUNICATIONS the different methods of giving information to lots of people, for example, through newspapers, television, and radio.: Governments use a host of mass media to alert the public about risks.
grammar Should I use media, or medias? English Language Usage Stack Exchange.
Which is correct: All the media is or all the media are? Do the media or Does the media? Should I use cards or a card? Do the media or Does the media? Conjugation of answer to How much money is there?
media Definition of media in English by Oxford Dictionaries. English logo. Oxford University Press logo.
The word is also increasingly used in the plural form medias, as if it had a conventional singular form media, especially when referring to different forms of new media, and in the sense the material or form used by an artist: there were great efforts made by the medias of the involved countries about 600 works in all genres and medias were submitted for review.
grammar media is or media are?
Grammar: media is or media are? The traditional treatment of media is that it is a plural, which means that it must be the media are and the media listen etc instead of the media is and the media listens etc.
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